How to reasonably control the irradiation time of plant grow lamps?

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  1. Control the irradiation time with Plant grow lamps according to the light-loving degree of plants.
It is generally believed that almost all living things need rest, so it is definitely not feasible to use Plant grow lamps to fill plants with light 24 hours a day. After many studies and experiments, it is proved that the time to fill plants with light is controlled at 16-- 18 hours is appropriate, and 4-6 hours of rest time is needed for the plants. For light-loving plants, under clear weather conditions, the time period during which sunlight can meet their growth needs is generally between 10:00-17:00, and in this case, it needs to be between 6:00-10:00 and 17:00- -00:00 The LED plant light is used to fill the light for the plants, which means that it takes about 11 hours to fill the light with the plant growth light. (Note: the plant rest time should be between 00:00 and 6:00). Remote grow light led In the same way, if plants do not have very high light requirements, they can already meet their growth needs when there is sunlight. The time for supplementing light with Plant grow lamps only needs to be set according to the local sunrise and sunset time. Try to avoid efficient rest periods for plants.
  1. Set the irradiation time with Plant grow lamps according to the planting environment.
The planting environment mentioned here includes the difference between the north and the south, the difference between spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the difference between indoor and outdoor sunlight. Regional and seasonal differences can be based on the light law, the closer to the equator, the stronger, the summer is strong and the winter is weak, and the LED plant growth light irradiation time can be set according to local conditions. There is a big difference in the light that can be accepted by indoor and outdoor plants. It takes 16-18 hours indoors. Plant grow lamps are used to fill the light at all times. The light intensity of Plant grow lamps can be adjusted according to the degree of natural light indoors. Outdoor plants use plant growth lights The fill light refers to the first point.  

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