The role of full-spectrum plant grow lights.

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The role of full-spectrum plant grow lights: The full-spectrum plant grow lights is an artificial light source with full-spectrum developed in accordance with the law of plant growth and the principle of simulating the ratio of the solar spectrum. The radiation range is wide, reaching more than 100LM per watt, which truly meets the requirements of green lighting. For agricultural greenhouses, as supplementary light, light can be enhanced at any time of the day, so as to always help plants photosynthesize. Especially in the winter months, the effective lighting time can be extended. Whether at dusk or at night, it can effectively extend and scientifically control the light required by plants without being affected by any environmental changes. In a greenhouse or plant laboratory, it can completely replace natural light to promote plant growth. After application tests, the wavelength of the full-spectrum plant light is very suitable for plant growth, flowering, and fruit. Generally, indoor plants and flowers will grow worse and worse with time. The main reason is the lack of sufficient light. The need for spectral irradiation can not only promote its growth, but also prolong the flowering period and improve the quality of flowers and trees. grow light led Features of full-spectrum plant grow lights: A full-spectrum plant grow lights is developed according to the wavelength range of sunlight and the required illuminance for plant growth. The reasonable use of this light can not only breed and grow under conditions that are not suitable for plant growth, but also speed up crops. Breeding and shortening the growth cycle of crops, avoiding pests and diseases and deformed fruits.
  1. The full-spectrum plant lamp is an artificial light source with a full-spectrum, and the resulting beam is most suitable for plant growth (chlorophyll, anthocyanin, carotene)
  2. With the floodlight effect of the special floodlight lamps, the irradiated light effect is evenly distributed, and the light effect is twice that of other sodium lamps of the same wattage, and 7 times that of incandescent lamps.
150w led grow light bar The principle of full-spectrum plant grow lights: Light environment is one of the important physical environmental factors indispensable for plant growth and development. Through light quality regulation, controlling plant morphology is an important technology in the field of facility cultivation. The full-spectrum plant light contains: wavelength 400~420nm, which helps to form anthocyanins and resist the elongation of branches and leaves. The wavelength is 450-460nm, which can thicken stems and leaves, accelerate plant development, and regulate stoma opening. The wavelength of 550nm promotes the growth of oxygen and helps tissues to better accumulate nutrients. The wavelength is 580nm, which can promote the growth of roots and early germination. The wavelength of 650-660nm promotes the overall growth of the plant, especially in the flowering and fruiting period, increasing the growth speed (20 days earlier flowering and 30 days earlier harvesting), also increases the number of fruits by 25% to 35%, and reduces deformed fruits The rate of occurrence. The absorption rate of 720~1000nm is low, which stimulates cell elongation and affects flowering and seed germination.

The role of full-spectrum plant grow lights.

The role of full-spectrum plant grow lights: The full-spectrum plant grow lights is an artificial...

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