What are the types of plant grow lights? How to choose?

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Indoor plant grow lights can shine when and where there is no sunlight. They can allow you to extend the growing season of plants; they can supply flowers, healthy vegetables and herbs throughout the year; they can also allow your seedlings to grow in advance before planting outside. Due to the different spectra, there are several types of grow lamps on the market, from simple incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps to HID to LED lamps.The following introduces the different types of plant growth lamps on the market, their prices, and their advantages and disadvantages.
  1. Incandescent lamps are the lowest priced plant growth lamps. A good 150-watt light bulb can be purchased at a local hardware store for only a few dollars. Incandescent lamps can keep plants growing in a small house, but it is not the best choice if it is an indoor large garden.
  2. Fluorescent grow lamps have low output, are too large and bulky to play a very good role, so they are used as growth light for seeds or seedlings. Generally speaking, fluorescent lamps are not a good choice for flowering and budding plants due to their low lumens, but they are a good choice for herbs and other plants that do not require a lot of light. Fluorescent lamps can be purchased at local hardware stores or garden supply stores for less than $40.
  3. The HID lamp is the brightest and the efficiency is very high, but the price is also high. One 1000-watt HID lamp can produce the same amount of light as 50 40-watt fluorescent lamps.
  4. The metal halide lamp is blue and white, which is conducive to the lush growth of leaves and keeping plants compact. It is best used as the main light source. A single bulb can last about 10,000 cumulative hours. (The bulb will continue to glow for more than 10,000 hours, but the light will be reduced, so it is best to replace it before burning.) Metal halide lamps are also a lumen power source. They can produce up to 125 lumens per watt, compared to 39 lumens per watt for standard fluorescent lamps and 18 lumens per watt for standard incandescent bulbs.
     5. The LED plant grow lights uses LED as the luminous body, which can provide the required light conditions for the photosynthesis of plants in an environment lacking sunlight, so that the plants can grow normally or better. led plant grow lights LED lights have the functions of strengthening roots, promoting, adjusting flowering period and flower color, promoting fruit maturity, coloring, and improving taste and quality. Compared with the previous three similar products, LED plant grow lights are more powerful and efficient, and cost less. They can save electricity and generate less heat. Less heat can bring the plant light closer to the plant without worrying about the plant being scorched. Because of this, LED lights can effectively promote better plant growth, so LED plant grow lights are widely adopted worldwide.

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