Several Light distribution plan for LED plant grow lights

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                                                               Light distribution plan 1—discontinuous wavelength red + blue collocation The wavelength of general plant growth supplement light is 660nm (plant red light) + 450nm (plant blue light), two simple wavelength combinations. The ratio is set according to different plants. Generally speaking, the ratio of red light is relatively more. a. Flowering and fruiting type, the ratio of red light is higher, usually the ratio of red to blue is 7-12:1 b. Leaf and rhizome plants, the ratio of red light is relatively low, usually the ratio of red to blue is 15:1 grow light Light distribution plan Advantage: 1. Different ratios of red and blue can be designed with universal applicability. 2. The spectrum matching scheme is simple, and the circuit design is relatively simple. 3. The efficiency is medium and the yield is low. Disadvantages: 1. When the solution is used in linear plant lights, the light mixing is uneven. 2. Compared with the full spectrum solution, the electric jade/circuit design is relatively complicated 3. Red and blue mixed light, human eye irritation, serious light pollution.                                                                                Light distribution plan 2—full artificial light plant growth lamp In addition to the 660nm450nm red-blue-based spectrum matching, a variety of discontinuous different wavelength matching (Uv purple, green, yellow, orange, infrared), a variety of beneficial wavelength matching. It is suitable for the growth of plants with high light intensity requirements and high economic added value. It is generally used as a full artificial light source plant growth lamp, such as a hemp growth lamp. Light distribution plan2 Advantage: 1. The spectrum ratio is scientific and reasonable to improve the yield and quality of plants: 2. High efficiency, suitable as a full artificial light source solution. Disadvantages: 1. Higher cost: 2. Considering the uniformity of mixed light, the electrical design and structure are relatively complicated: 3. The color of the mixed light is darker, the eyes are irritated, and the light pollution is serious.                                                                                Light distribution plan 3-continuous full spectrum matching For general plant supplement light, especially for plant factories and plant cultivation experience consumer products, the following picture can be used: According to the spectral requirements of different plants, we have developed a continuous multi-spectrum with red + blue spectra and wavelengths ranging from 420 to 800 nm. In a narrow sense, we define it as a full spectrum suitable for common plant growth. Light distribution plan 3 advantage: 1. Light can be designed/adjusted for different types of plants, with strong applicability 2 Part of the light color is close to white self-light/warm light, with little light pollution 3. The uniformity of light mixing is good and the efficiency is high 4. Circuit design/structure design is relatively low cost Disadvantages: 1. The designed light harmonic, the light proportion will not be adjusted 2. Lack of spectrum in ultraviolet band

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